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4 Thoughts to “Amazon giveaways”

  1. Statistically if most giveaways are around 1/2000 and you can enter 20 a day, you would have a 60% chance to win once every 90 days or so

    1-(1999/2000)20*90 = 0.59

    But there are some giveaways that say you have to be the xth person so those wouldn’t really apply.

  2. what are these amazon giveaway of which you speak?

  3. I had the [top spot]( before I went on hiatus for nearly a year. I’m not doing them now either. I’ve dropped down quite a bit, but it’s definitely more than possible. Any ideas what you’re doing wrong? Also, telling a nearly a quarter of a million people did not really do anything to raise your odds at all.

  4. I enter any kind of giveaway I can.

    Never win, but that’s life for you

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