Are surveys/absolutely free trials worth it?

I used to do swagbucks in the past and individually obtained lazy performing it. I never ever did any surveys, I caught with only observing videos and downloading matters. Now I’m performing AppBounty by advice and so far, I like it. Nevertheless, the surveys and registrations for sweepstakes are receiving truly tantalizing as soon as all over again…but the concept of furnishing all my facts seems unpleasant. Getting into zip codes, furnishing “legitimate facts” primarily becoming card quantities and home addresses, what have you. I used a spam email for some stuff on swagbucks but that’s not what I indicate, I indicate serious-existence facts becoming demanded for surveys, moving into odds for giftcards, and many others.
So, Beermoney, need to I cease becoming so frightened and just go for it and get individuals sweet points? Can I just submit wrong facts? Is it a situation by situation point?

Tldr, I’m terrified of performing surveys on these position-to-hard cash internet sites and furnishing facts, AppBounty specifically, but I want them scrumptious points. What do? I looked into it but couldn’t come across any precise answers.

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5 Thoughts to “Are surveys/absolutely free trials worth it?”

  1. i do the free trials all the time. i just ask around in chat on sites which ones are paying the best and i do those. generally you can spend a dollar or two and earn anywhere from 1$ to 6 or 7$ profit. just be careful and know what your doing so you dont get those reoccurring subscription charges.

    find out which online cards work the best for offers and dont use your real debit card or a real credit card. simple and chime both work on most offers, virtual cards work on very few offers but still work occasionally on an offer or so from time to time.

    the paypal business debit card also works on several offers. i find getting online virtual bank accounts then using those cards is the best way to do these offers.

  2. Sometimes I do surveys just to get 1 SB’s to do my daily goal and most of the time I do get full credit without being disqualified. I mostly do ncraves which account for most of my daily SB’s and then offers that are 100 Sb’s or more. There are some high paying offers like hulu, gamestop, Lifelock that you can do and get some net money from it. I typically use the SB’s for master debit cards and sign up for the $1-$2 trials or offers. Good luck man!

  3. The main survey website I use is e-rewards, and I’ve been doing surveys on that site for 10 years because what they offer for my time is mostly fair, and there are a couple of gift certificates or points offers I cash out on a regular basis that I find very useful. It’s a case by case thing for me, but I don’t do any trial offers I haven’t experienced any more spam than the average person gets (in fact, I seem to get less). I’m selective about the surveys I choose to complete, in that each survey invitation says the estimated time commitment and the compensation amount, and I skip the ones that seem like they’ll take too long for too little. I don’t think you should be too wary of giving out basic info about yourself, but only if you’re sure the company is legit–verified by You can probably submit false information as long as you submit the same false information every time, and you aren’t trying to get paid via PayPal or receive tangible rewards through the mail, because those are places where fake info will start to come to light.

  4. I’ve had very good luck with surveys through Yougov.
    They prequalify you for surveys and send them directly to your email. No disqualifications ever. I cash out a $15 amazon card about once a month from survey earnings, more often if i share my referral link around.
    Speaking of which, here’s a referral link:

    And a non-referral link in case you don’t like me:

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