Confusion Say…

Confusion Say...

So, explain to me a thing…..

Do you believe it would be utterly ridiculous of a person that was shut to monetary bankruptcy, out of work, frustrated, and so on……that experienced a dwelling entire of antiques, artwork, collectibles, apparel, home furnishings, and the like he could reap a meager earnings from following heading by way of the laborous process of photographing, cataloging and providing on line……BUT instead……wished to gather most if not all of said belongings and give them absent to charity and universities just to clear the dwelling of negative vibes, unclutter his lifestyle, and maybe, just possibly, get a massive karmic pat on the again someplace down the road???

I desperately will need the income, but I also desperately have to have to re-affirm my faith in the Universe. So, must I embrace my Buddha character and simplify my humble existence, or need to I buckle down, and sell and offer and offer like mad so I can pay back some charges?

I am just so damn sick and weary of it all.

What do you believe?


As a way of returning the incredible generosity and guidance you
have all shown me in this fantastic community, any time I add a new
pic or sequence of photographs this 12 months, I will supply a hyperlink to another flickr
photog whose operate, temperament, or spirit I feel you should uncover.

Visit and introduce your self. Make a good friend. Share the adore.

Open your eyes to Buddha smiling now.

Posted by drp on 2005-08-24 04:01:23

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