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The primary 15-layer construction, a layer of 3D supports perforated material, magnetic layer, infrared, anions protivokleschevye and antifungal functionality make an atmosphere of healthful snooze.


one. The entrance side (A): quilted velor with an antibacterial effect and protivokleschevye (The patented structure FOHOW) a hundred% Cotton
two. Separation layer: non-woven material
three. Practical layer: practical polyester with infrared functionality
four. Practical layer: practical polyester ionizing
five. Practical magnetic layer: Refractory cotton non-woven material (conventional English)
6. Practical layer: magnetic construction of delicate magnets
7. The fastened magnetic layer: Refractory cotton non-woven material (conventional English)
eight. Separating layer: non-woven material
nine. The practical layer: hearth-resistant cotton (European Typical BS5828 (.5m40 #)
ten. Filler layer: perforated 3-dimensional 3D-material
11. Separating layer: non-woven material
twelve. Practical layer: hearth-resistant cotton (European conventional BS5828 (1m40 #) a hundred%)
13. Practical layer: ramie (Bomer snow-white)
fourteen. Separating layer: non-woven material
15. The base layer (B): quilted velor with an antibacterial effect and protivokleschevye (The patented structure FOHOW) a hundred% Cotton

one. Results of the 3-dimensional magnetic industry potential 1700 Gauss can proficiently enhance the microcirculation of human organs and departments, blood rheology, cuts down exhaustion, suffering and aching muscular tissues.

two. When the make contact with happens not functionality layer piezoelectric and pezotermicheskaya response with the human entire body, ie, shaped longwave infrared radiation possessing a wavelength of four-fourteen microns and negatively billed ions. The emissivity of infrared rays exceeds 86%, because of to which there is an acceleration of microcirculation in the human skin, accelerates metabolic rate. The resulting anions make the air cleaner and have an effect on the entire body alkalization.

three. The fibers are higher-tech 3-dimensional 3D-materials have an X-shaped hollow construction – it is the most fantastic all-natural construction, on just about every square centimeter which accounts for 40 supporting fibers. The surface area of the upper and reduce sides of the mattress has a porous construction that permits you to make an aerobic layer of air circulation – due to the fact of this, the mattress is very well ventilated, it eliminates moisture, tight to the spine. On a mattress sizing of one.5m × 2m is situated one 280 000 Mill. Aid fibers, building the human entire body pounds is dispersed evenly in excess of the full surface area of the mattress, and also obtained the effect of massage through snooze.

four. When making use of the 3D mattress raises the flow of blood to the cells of interior organs, with normal extensive-time period use stimulates the immune procedure and reinforce the entire body.

five. mercerized cotton – material with a unique patented structure (four seasons Yang-sheng), taken care of with silver ions, whereby the antibacterial and protivokleschevye influence. Fire-resistant cotton in the mattress corresponds to European benchmarks, has an primary visual appearance, cozy to use, secure.

6. The material was made on the basis of awareness and knowing of conventional Chinese characters of “Huang neytszin” – the to start with health-related treatise on Yang-sheng in China. graphic structure made by suave and skillful combination of symbols yin-yan and U-SIN with FOHOW brand. Now previously been given patents on the primary visual appearance of the merchandise.

7. Folding mattress structure helps make it really convenient to carry.

one,three hundred.00€…

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