Guidance The Further than This Area Movie: Why Black Fraternities/Sororities Nevertheless Matter

Do Black Fraternities and Sororities even now matter? Enable us carry this critical documentary to lifetime by clicking below->

Central to the good results of the Further than This Area job is the assistance of economic backers who are committed to looking at this job through to the significant display. Our unique spending plan of $150,000 is what it will expense us to make our total documentary. We are submitted our job to both Kickstarter and Indiegogo in purchase to increase at the very least $fifteen,000 or ten% of our spending plan, which will be made use of to assist us build the 1st chapter of our short movie. We raised $two,800 amongst to two strategies and are even now looking to increase more funding. With you assist, the resources raised will be made use of to:

Commence pre-output: Secure archival footage and duplicate composed products and historic visuals wanted for storytelling.
Commence output: Enable address output costs (rent audio/online video machines, buy media storage and address find travel costs.)

The purpose is to effectively fundraise sufficient funds to generate one particular section of our documentary notion. A pilot, which we will then use to leverage other assets to finish our short size documentary.

Further than This Area is an impartial documentary movie job that examines the abundant culture of Black Greek Letter Corporations even though at the same time posing a complex problem: “What is the job of Black Greek Letter Corporations in the 21st Century?” By means of own stories, tutorial examination, pictures, and archival footage, Further than This Area aims to doc, take a look at, and assist facilitate discussions within the Black Greek and greater local community with the purpose of examining our culture with a critical lens, even though also inspiring imaginative alternatives to our modern day problems. We invite you to join us as we inform the story of development, satisfaction, and potential.

For more info, go to us online at and comply with us on social media.

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