How Can Digital Cash Become Accessible to All? | DASH School #6

So now that you get the full story — how Dash works — you want to know how we plan on making this stuff usable to the average consumer. Glad you asked! This sixth and final episode of Dash…


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39 Thoughts to “How Can Digital Cash Become Accessible to All? | DASH School #6”

  1. Thanks Amada. This was very well produced an informative. -Phil

  2. Crypto money is not yet a threat to our current fiat money systems, but who thinks the international bankers will just quit if this grows enough to become a threat?

  3. Amanda b I’m not fat anymore I’m 37 but damn just marry me lol

  4. Plug it in at work! Let corporate America encumber the electric bill. Hahah

  5. You're one of the best teachers I ever had!

  6. 8:54 And where is the link she's telling about?

  7. Amanda I want to have your baby

  8. These videos are great. Thanks!

  9. All great, but the one thing I don't like is the usernames. What if the IRS puts out a reward for logs in which people sent Dash to me so they can prove that I have received Dash?

  10. Yay! I finished it nice, simple and to the point just how I like it!

  11. Excellent series. Amanda, you are a natural.

  12. Amanda, I wanna have your kids

  13. Just returned from seeing Wonder Woman…Amanda could have played the role of Wonder Woman…

  14. No, no! Don't trust my cousin… she's the notorious Alice.

  15. Very informative and entertaining, thank you! Dash is extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful ambassador. Great work!

  16. Not sure how good Dash would turn out to be..but certainly the teacher has wonderfully presented the concept in the entire series….and of course she's beautiful too !

  17. What will happened if after sometime all the supply of Dash for instance, was mined already and no new Dash coin is being created? What will be the reward of miners or masternodes will be? Are they still keep service of updating ledgers (blockchain) even if there are no new coins created? (These question may apply to all crypto-currencies). Thanks.

  18. Great stuff and by far much more advanced than any other crypto than I am aware of. What about chargebacks? Right now if I buy something with Visa and it never arrives, I can get my money back.

  19. vice versa not vicea versa. you're far too intelligent to make this common mistake. not hating just a heads up. common mistake but, once people see the error they rarely continue to make it. also, it's important in public speaking as it's fingernails on a chalk board to the classically educated. I love your work. And, I'd say over the next few years you are going to become famous. yup. famous. cheers. maybe not appropriate but, you're hot.

  20. Thanks a lot for the whole series. I ended up with only one doubt: In case someone hacked and robbed an amount of Dash, it would be a good idea to just deny receiving money from the robber. Is there ways to prevent this money to be laundred?

  21. This is BIG looking forward for evolution

  22. Ooooooooo you said "hell". I'm telling mom

  23. YC

    wait the public address keeps changing?

  24. I have never gave attention to more than two videos in YouTube like i have done today. Keep it up

  25. I really like Dash's desire to make digital currency easy. All three of the Evolution additions you mentioned sound great! However, could the process of buying Dash be simplified? It's a hassle for new users to try and find a trustworthy exchange. Recommendations change so often for exchanges. Do you think Dash will ever add a "Buy Dash" button in the Dash wallet?

  26. Could listen to you all day. Great teacher! Good job Amanda!

  27. Do you have a video with specifics of the encryption methods?

  28. im devouring this like food. really good food

  29. Thank you Amanda. I just installed Electrum Dash and installed my first wallet. I even used shapeshift for the first time to convert some of my BTCs to my DASH wallet 🙂

    My one question is whether DASH is running well because of its strong sane leadership and not just because of its features? What if Evan went away as the lead developer, could it end up closed-off like we see with the bitcoin core developers? Or end up in disarray and divided?

  30. Having watched all this I have a question or two if anyone can answer…

    What's to stop an adversary buying lots of dash and setting up multiple masternodes then instant sending bad transactions if they cannot be reversed.

    There was also the mention of not needing people with fat wallets etc to fund dash.

    Again, wouldn't someone who invested lots and lots and ran many masternodes eventually be able to effectively own the network by using their voting power to control it? I'm thinking more here of state actors who could invest billions and then effectively have their own, ready made digital bank.

  31. Excellent job Amanda and kudos to the DASH team. Question, is there a way to purchase DASH with a VISA or MASTERCARD gift card in US currency? If not, when will you implement this?

  32. This is was so fun and info-powered, I went through all 6 episodes all the way! Thank you!

  33. Thanks Amanda – you filled in many of the gaps in my knowledge about crypto currencies in general and DASH specifically. I mine Ethereum but now I'm thinking I should be mining DASH! If only those X11 ASICs weren't so expensive!

  34. I wanted to do dash development, but no C# library as far a I know.

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