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3 Thoughts to “Just thinking – how straightforward is it to make money on Clickworker? For instance $5 in just an hour?”

  1. I’ve only been using it about a week. Most of the jobs are simple, for example, they might ask you to search a couple keywords, paste the link of the google search into a box, then add another keyword and paste that link into a box. Or they might ask on what page of google search did you find a certain URL after entering the first keywords. Each one is like 3-7 cents, sometimes more, but rarely. There are a few jobs that pop up for me where you have to record ten short videos of certain actions, like pushing a cup off of a table, and once you upload all 10 you get a dollar.

    As for how much you can make in an hour, probably about $1.50 if you get a lot of hits. You might get more hits if you are bilingual or something.

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten on the site but in general Clickworker doesn’t have enough decent jobs to make $5/hour. Most stuff on there is a lot lower paying. However, they do rarely get some higher paying stuff.

    Unless you get UHRS. UHRS becomes available through an assessment (they shut it down for a while and I’m not sure if they brought it back). On UHRS, there are jobs that can easily make more than $5/hour.

  3. Clickworker itself, no. UHRS, yes. I think UHRS applications/assessments are closed right now though.

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