Knowing YouTube Pink: Compensated Subscriptions and the Long run of On line Online video

In which John discusses YouTube’s new compensated membership provider, YouTube Purple. Is it very good for creators? Is it very good for viewers? And what are the challenges and …


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31 Thoughts to “Knowing YouTube Pink: Compensated Subscriptions and the Long run of On line Online video”

  1. It changed mine forever, you all watching ads, lol

  2. Sou brasileirara e tenho um canal tania rosilene rosilene no meu canal dou Dicas para se dia a dia .Gostaria muito que conhecesses meu canal e compartilhasse sendo assim meu padrinho em meus vídeos desde já gratidão a voce.

  3. Ay the crash course guy i loved watching his vids in school

  4. F YouTube bread we like kids better

  5. Does he keep getting closer lol?

  6. YouTube red is $13.00 now. 2017
    I have a question: Do I need to pay for YouTube red for each of my devises? Even though my 2 devises are synced, I'm paying for it twice. Do you have any advise for me?

  7. well what about you tube discontinued their services for tv's made before 2012 ?

  8. I'm just sick of the business model that says "lets see how we can get money out of people for the stuff they are already getting." Now, I know that Red will provide things that have previously not been a part of Youtube, but the net result is that people who don't pay in will be increasing plagued by ads for, among other things, Youtube Red. I remember when Youtube was new, and the videos we saw on it were posted there because people wanted others to see them, not because they might make money for someone. And while Youtube can still be used that way, its no longer the signature facet of the culture.

  9. I've been paying monthly and I don't get it. Whats happening?

  10. I did some math. Each video I watch nets the creator 1.3 cents with YouTube red. That's 10* the current rate. Or, in other words, why can't I pay a dollar a month only? (I'm using 25 videos a day, which is a generous estimate – I play it in background sometimes).

  11. Can you make a video about whether youtube Red subscriptions are a good way to help our favorite channels through the adpocalypse when there's too many of them to support them all on patreon?

  12. If you want to make premium contents, you should make it on Netflix or something imo. Youtube Red? Why would anyone watch anything there besides to support their favorite youtuber? While I can only imagine them getting more and more expensive each time and dies because no one watches. Is Youtube trying to be Netflix? That's doesn't seem like a good move.

    I can understand if they only box payers and non-payers based on ads or special features, but on what content you can watch? This won't work and even if it does it will get many backlashes and lookdown and disgust from people who cannot pay. It betrays its original implicit promise.

  13. If I'd ever spend anything online, I'd probably just get Netflix.

  14. How do I listen to music if I have YouTube red . What app should i download- is it google play

  15. ke lokura te dan gato por liebre

  16. I have a google home. I got YouTube red with it. it's awesome but do my favorite YouTubers receive revenue from my views on mobile?

  17. ''youtubers want more money & the viewers is going to pay for it ?''

    What is a youtuber & has it become a job or a progress of our life in social bonds to ever existing .. (idk what i said)

  18. I hate the thing that some of my favorite youtubers are making great shows but I can't watch them

  19. I love you tube 😘 from Sunday School ACT 2:38

  20. I'm trying to decide if I should get it but I don't know if it supports the creators better. I would gladly pay a small fee if it meant my favourite youtubers got more money than they would if I was merely watching ads, but if it's pretty much the same amount of money going to them, I'll stick with the free version (although the YoutubeRED exclusive shows/movies are very tempting)

  21. i personally dont give a shit about some TV-like show or google play cause my phone's old. i liked youtubers cause it was bunch of ordinary people sitting in front of a camera saying funny or interesting stuff. crowdfunding is the way to go if someone wants to make a more high budget video, that way i know that im actually supporting the stuff i like.

  22. I prefer the user created content rather than the corporation endorsed content that makes itself out to be the former, so the majority of the most popular youtube channels I won't care for. In future however I suspect all ads will be unable to be blocked and possibly become more and more tedious until users cave in.. but how many people care for youtube that much aside from those that are creating wanting to make money (including Google).. When viewers don't like something on the internet, over the years they eventually jump ship, and there are more video sites out there to choose from. I don't think Red will hurt youtube as long as standard viewing is not changed in any way. As for subscriptions, given the likely demographic of a lot of popular channels, I don't see the majority going for it unless it's very affordable. Do people even bother with youtube movie rentals on here?

  23. For some reason I have a subscription, I got it free with something. But how do I find the Red' content? I mean, I already get videos without commercials thanks to Google Add-on. Aside from being told I have Youtube Red…I see no difference in anything.

  24. I would rather watch advertisement in front of every video instead of paying to watch videos >:(

  25. You mean those willing to pay and those not willing to pay.

  26. what is the red?youtube can any body explain?

  27. I wish YouTube Red was the worst thing to come out this year…

  28. I would love to support creators, but the currency exchange rate in my country makes it much more expensive to me as an american counter part.

  29. ive seen alot of youtube channels support this youtube red, alot of people see it as a way to make money, if this youtube red catches on it will be good for a while but they will begin to screw over youtube video makers after a while, it may take a year or two but that extra money will dwindle down till your right where you are now,and the rest of us will be paying 10 dollars a month,eventually this will lead to youtube simply being a paid service just like netflix, so dont support this, everybody nows how these things go it starts of inncocent and then turns sour, they will get greedy and try to take as much money as they can if we let them, so dont start giving them money otherwise it will spread like a infection on this website,if you dont believe me you'll find out if it catches on

  30. I don't really like ads but I especially don't like pre-rolls. It's also nice to have ad free YouTube that I can play in the background on my phone and have google play music for 9.99.

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