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A even though ago I requested what I could do to generate a bit of funds, and I was instructed to try out out audio transcription, so I considered I would compose up my knowledge with Scribie.

[Payment Evidence
####Sign Up Method
Signing up took me about a working day, but it could acquire extended dependent on demand. There are two actions to the indication up procedure, the software and the test. The software is just your private facts, very little too complex, and requires a organization working day to be processed.
After authorised, you are place in a queue for the transcription test wherever you transcribe a six minute file. It is critical to engage in back again the file at minimum twice to catch any errors, as nicely as looking at the transcription recommendations, as you only have 10 chances to finish the test. I had a fairly quick file for my test and managed to pass first time.

##How significantly can you get compensated?
There are quite a few different concentrations you can be promoted to even though working with Scribie. Marketing is automatic, so you will not have to hold out all over for a evaluate, and you can nonetheless preserve doing documents from previously phases if you are promoted to a degree earlier mentioned them.

#### Transcription (~$three/hour)
This is the first degree wherever you just transcribe the textual content from the six-minute audio documents. It took me about 20 minutes to transcribe a file, and on normal you get $1 for every file. You get promoted to the upcoming degree immediately after developing an hour (10 six-minute documents) of transcription at a good quality. This phase is the most cumbersome and pays the minimum, but it is worth the short grind.

#### Critique (~$six/hour)
In this degree you examine the transcribed documents for errors and increase timestamps. Whilst you are compensated the very same for every file, will not have to form the entire matter out so you may be able to function significantly quicker. I am able to finish a file in 10 minutes. You get promoted to the upcoming degree as shortly as you have generated three several hours of good reviewed documents.

#### Proofreading (~$8-10/hour)
I was able to get to this phase in about five days. In this phase you examine an hour extensive file (multiple reviewed documents stitched with each other) and update the speaker monitoring. Whilst you can function quicker (it took me about 1.five several hours to evaluate a fifty minute file, for which I was compensated $12), you do have to dedicate a substantial chunk of your time. The quality expected from you is also enhanced, and I received banned from this degree for owning two out of five rejected documents (my fault for not using my time about it).

#### Top quality Examine ($10+/hour)
This is the ultimate phase wherever you engage in through the proofread file and produce it to the client. You may be able to function significantly quicker, as this is just catching errors, you are not incorporating anything at all to the file. At this phase, you can also utilize for a salaried position (commencing at $one hundred fifty/thirty day period, with the potential to acquire on a greater workload and generate additional). You also get a $10 bonus for each four audio several hours you finish a working day

* There is no shortage of function
* There is no dedication to function – just decide on up a file when you have a spare chunk of time
* There is no minimum amount withdrawal restrict (even though withdrawals beneath $30 have a two% demand, which is $.60 at most)
* They withdraw incredibly promptly through PayPal
* This function is not insanely tricky, and as extensive as you are not a ridiculously sluggish typer (60+ WPM), you should not have any issue completing the responsibilities
* You can progress to the high concentrations fairly promptly – it took me five days to get to the proofreading phase.
* You get a $five bonus for each three audio several hours you finish a thirty day period

* If you do not finish the documents to a high more than enough typical, you will be demoted and can not be re-promoted, so it truly is critical to examine the recommendations and definitely study through the first several documents you submit
* The rates of spend start off incredibly lower
* Sometimes the audio quality is incredibly lousy, and even though you are compensated additional primarily based on problem, there is a $two cap for every file
* You get two several hours to transcribe/evaluate a file, so you can not just decide on all the quick types and occur back again to them at a later day


If there are any concerns, I am content to assist response them

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  1. I’ve done a decent amount of work for them- I’d say it’s worth checking on for a side gig, but it’s pretty sub par (like all online transcription sites these days. Terrible pay, most of the audio quality is terrible, not much guidance/not clear rules so when you submit something you might get rated poorly just because the rules weren’t clear. (I’ve had issues with the reviewers deciding something was unnecessary content when I though it was). I have 2 years experience doing transcription as my day job, 40 hours a week in an office, so I know I can’t be THAT bad or slow.

  2. I just got accepted and I didn’t even know there were multiple levels, so that’s exciting

  3. i cant verify my paypal 🙁 , so is there any other sites like this, besides rev and transcribe me!?

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