Niue Kzelke (UKG) Aermedeus DeJeria

Niue Kzelke (UKG) Aermedeus DeJeria

Niue Kzelke (UKG) Aermedeus DeJeria

Age (Vex Many years) 19

Age (Earth Decades) 28.5


Identification code 683863-6483

Transgender Female to Male

Bisexual (Choice: Male)

Born 02-0156

Enjoys loud digital dance music, getting personal towards these he is closest to, having several sexual companions, getting superior with his drugged up mates, long walks with close friends. Dislikes people today striving to notify him how to live his lifetime, emotion like he is becoming controlled or obtaining anyone striving to regulate him, spending long durations of time on your own with his have feelings, acquiring criticism about his drug patterns from some others, confrontation and/or conflict of any kind.

His mom handed absent owing to birth complications of an unborn youngster close to a year right before Niue was born. His mother and father experienced manufactured a acutely aware choice to maintain virtually fifty percent of her fertile eggs for they feared something would materialize, as she had problems in before pregnancies. His father was one of the optimum rated military staff of the GYK: Deland location, and simply because of this, he experienced access to equipment that most other folks had under no circumstances even heard of prior to. Niue was a check-tube fetus, and he was noticed by professional medical practitioners and scientists through the progress of his 1st 10 months, up right until the being pregnant time period would be around. Simply because of his father giving the prospect of observation, he was granted a rather large sum of funds per thirty day period, set to be offered to his relatives for the upcoming twenty-5 years. For his whole existence, Niue experienced Al to lean on as an honorary member of the family members. Al and Niue’s father had the two agreed to discuss minor of his mother if at all about him, as they failed to want to raise issues. Nonetheless, this prepare had unsuccessful as Niue acquired older.

Owing to the raging war that experienced been going on, Niue’s father experienced been despatched to a further element of the earth. Staying six at the time, Niue was left in the care of Al, who experienced been hiding his drug addiction for years, proclaiming the compound was his “medication” in hopes that would maintain Niue away from it. All through his father’s departure, Niue and Al had been devoted to maintaining in touch with him.

As a youngster, Niue was fairly late in his social talent development. He failed to shell out a large amount of time with other children exterior of faculty, and even through class time, he was incredibly distant. He was quite nervous all the way up until finally he was about 9, just about 10 several years aged. The only particular person he definitely felt snug socialising with was Al, and he was rapid to consider notice of this. Al attempted to thrust Niue to devote time with youngsters his age in hopes of strengthening his social techniques, but it was a tactic that wouldn’t perform on its individual. It was not till Ryu, Terry, and Allison at the ages of 8, 9, and 10 approached Niue, who was eight several years of age at the time, experienced he commenced to affiliate with other young ones in his area. It did not get extensive following that just before all he required to do was go out with his friends and participate in things to do all the other boys did.

Exterior of faculty and friend functions, Niue experienced shaped a passion for audio at a rather young age. He was especially drawn towards trance EDM and the really hard dance subgenres. As shortly as he had his palms on a pc, he spent all of his no cost non-social time enjoying with diverse systems and generating distinctive appears. It was not lengthy ahead of Al took discover Niue’s admiration toward technology. Before long enough, he started out instructing him how to modify put in plans and code his own, eventually training him anything he knew about computer programming and hacking.

Niue was 10 many years aged when he started to working experience sorts of entire body dysphoria. He did not say everything about it to anybody for rather a when, it was a little something that designed him come to feel very uncomfortable. Following accomplishing some investigation, he began to improve a much better being familiar with of his situation and he managed to perform up the braveness to converse to Al about it.

About the exact same time was when he found Al’s stash of “drugs” after catching a strain of a frequent illness, and he grew to become addicted instantly. It was not long just after, Allison had disappeared without having any warning. For the following two years, he stole tiny doses of crystal meth from Al for his possess usage. This all went on without Al noticing. Niue kept this a mystery from all people he understood. He by no means instructed any of his pals, and they by no means observed nearly anything out of the regular right up until he started out obtaining unwell on virtually a every day foundation because of to increased doses in which he was using the drug at. When he was confronted about it, he averted his friend’s issues at all fees, till Al ultimately uncovered out about it. At that second, Al started to financially guidance Niue’s amphetamine habit together with his own.

Shortly after he strike thirteen many years old, Niue had participated in a technological experiment Al was conducting. Inspite of the numerous instances, Al experienced stated the probable dangers, Niue required to be the a person he examined on. So Al went and backed up Niue’s memory on his 20000tb supercomputer difficult push in advance of performing the experiment, in scenario just about anything took place. Certain plenty of, just after hooking up electrodes to all sections of Niue’s head, he commenced to ship pulses of electric power into Niue’s mind, growing the intensity notch by notch. Nonetheless, the experiment went horribly completely wrong when he unintentionally fried Niue’s mind, leaving him nearly mind lifeless. In a panic, his older fifty percent-brother TemT was called over to assist in repairing him. They spent the subsequent 3 times straight surgically inserting wires and a significant-powered microchip, complete with programming to mimic the brain’s capabilities. With that, Niue was working thoroughly once more, and with other strengths. The USB hub on his upper back will come with a waterproof, airtight-sealed doorway, the headset attached to his ears province an innovative auditory working experience, and the artificially made appropriate eye below the pink glass presents him the ability to see colours that he would not be equipped to see otherwise and boosts his in general eyesight.

This incident introduced Niue a lot nearer to Al than he was prior to, and he started to achieve intimate thoughts toward him. However, regardless of the reality that he was a lot more than inclined to expose these emotions to Al, they hardly ever ended up reciprocated in the way he had expected. It was not prolonged just before Niue had settled with other sexual companions, owning dropped his virginity to Terry at a rave about fifty percent a calendar year just after the incident. A 12 months or so afterwards, Niue experienced regained connection with Allison, and he begun a friends-with-added benefits style connection with him, often sleeping with him in exchange for medications.

Right after reuniting with Allison and seeing what the multiple unique substances He experienced been living off of for the earlier two to 3 several years, the two made the decision to go to rehabilitation remedy alongside one another. Niue remaining just after a month, Allison right after nearly 3. Remaining sober wasn’t an quick job for him, medicines getting element in his lifetime no matter wherever he went. At the time Allison relapsed because of to his severe drug dependency, Niue did so as perfectly, almost promptly upon listening to about it. Compared with Allison, Niue was in general reasonably information with the habit he was residing with, and he liked feeding it. In a sense, it produced him experience far more like an grownup.

By the time he experienced strike fifteen decades of age, Niue had grow to be to some degree of a legend in his area for what he did in the tunes business. He was DJing at golf equipment and even adult-only events on the weekends, which offered him with more cash to guidance his addiction as nicely as update his computer system software package. He had develop into extremely qualified in both electronic new music output and computer programming. For entertaining, he and Al would hack into on line game titles and modify them to extreme lengths correct in entrance of the other gamers. He brought about chaos in excess of many gaming servers and experienced even been banned on some. On the other hand, he was under no circumstances banned from servers for extensive as he could easily get into the database and clear away himself from any ban-checklist.

Above the study course of the upcoming couple many years, Niue experienced attained many sexual associates, even trading sexual actions with Monstrum for house-cooked methamphetamine for both of those himself and Alijiah. Niue’s dependency experienced come to be so lousy, he dropped out of his last yr of faculty at age 17 just after getting the danger of expulsion directed toward him owing to his drug use and reduced attendance. At this point, he at last managed to coerce Al into doing the steps on him he experienced sought after so a great deal in the course of the earlier 4 several years.

At the age of 18, Niue met Skitzel who was 17. Contrary to some of the other folks in the previous, a passionate connection shaped between them. together with Niue’s hyper-sexual character. Their romance grew to become very tense, in particular immediately after the three-month mark. Skitzel couldn’t stand Niue’s addiction and Niue couldn’t maintain to a monogamous partnership.

Many periods in the course of their romantic relationship, the two experienced a range of arguments, all of which were about Niue’s drug behaviors and promiscuous action. The conclude of their disagreements ended up all somewhat the same. Niue would operate off to the tech shop Al ran and lived in, and he would conceal out there for a few of times, and Skitzel would keep in the apartment or head out to TemTs for roughly the similar total of time. Their marriage was very dysfunctional, and issues only got even worse when Niue commenced trying to keep other functions secret.

Niue and Terry experienced been rave-mates for a quantity of a long time. The two begun heading to functions with each other when he was 13 several years of age. They had formed extra of a casual marriage, once in a while sneaking off to considerably less densely-populated places at these occasions to carry out on every single other. More than the yrs, they started out undertaking this jointly considerably far more commonly, primarily given that Niue usually DJed for the activities.

Niue is an initial character, canon to the Void 9 universe and tale. All Legal rights Reserved.
Cyodai is an unique alien species made and owned by me. if you would like to make your individual, be sure to be aware me. Many thanks!
Drawing © EhX-KoR

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