Post-Surgery Comfort Kit – 24-Pack Elastic Waist Extenders & Elastic Shoelaces – Makes Pants Fit Instantly, Saves Money on Clothes & Shoes for Kids & Adults

Price: $17.88

  • COMFORT DURING RECOVERY – Surgery can be taxing on the body. The last thing you want to think about during your recovery process is how your clothes are fitting or how difficult it is to tie shoelaces. This pack solves it all. It’ll give you waistline comfort while transforming your shoes (up to 7 pairs!) into comfortable slip-ons.
  • SAVES MONEY – You will be able to fit into the regular favorites in your wardrobe even if your weight changes. No need to size up just for a few months, tailor those pants or buy new shoes! Save money with these cool little gadgets that will transform the comfort level of your clothes and shoes.
  • ELASTIC MAGIC – Imagine no more muffintops, no pinching or tightness around your waist after your body changes a bit. Imagine no unbuttoned pants (or dreaming of it) by the end of the day. Imagine your shoes are not super tight by the end of a busy day. All in one kit, you have the solution to make these visions a reality! While you’re packing a few extra pounds, you’ll just have these elastic wonders and if you lose the weight, the stretchy pieces can go back in your dresser.
  • TRANSFORMS PANTS & SHOES – The pant extender buttons on in seconds, making your waistband elastic! Your shoes will also give you the necessary room to step in them (slip them on) without tying shoelaces. Then the laces will hold the shoes firmly on your feed for all day comfort.
  • 100% GUARANTEE – This simple, but innovative kit will change your life. We’re so sure of it, we’re offering a money-back guarantee in case you don’t love them (for any reason)! We’d love to learn how we can improve the product, but will cheerfully refund or exchange the purchase price based on your preference.

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