Selling On Mercari | My Multi-Platform Listing Strategy (Beginner’s Experience)

Selling On Mercari | My Multi-Platform Listing Strategy (Beginner’s Experience)

I started selling on 01.21.2018. Today is 03.20.2018. ~2 months

4 sales since 01.21.18

Mercari pricing strategy compared with Ebay pricing

Mercari price recommendations

They tell you when items are “on fire”

Item “promotion” (Markdown)
-item moves up in search results
-they tell people who liked the item that the price went down
-price drops 10%

They recently changed the look

How do you get paid? Bank Deposit after item delivered – similar to Poshmark

8 photos – you can list from desktop easily (copy and paste from Ebay)

“Blended margin”

Free shipping or not?

Mercari Fees – 10%

No PayPal involvement

No Store fee, no listing fee

How to list an item

Likes (“Hearts”)

Shipping an item, paying for shipping – 2 options – USPS or Fedex

Apple App Store ranking – Poshmark is #39 | Ebay is #69

Mercari is ranked #10 on Similar Web shopping apps (Poshmark #7)


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16 Thoughts to “Selling On Mercari | My Multi-Platform Listing Strategy (Beginner’s Experience)”

  1. I was away from Poshmark for a while and just started up again this week. I had my first sale last night! I have a mercari account but did not list much on there because I thought it was just through the phone app. I will definitely be listing on my computer now that this has changed.

  2. Mercari does cheat. The switched my buyer pays shipping to sellers pays without my knowing. Instead of getting five dollars like I should have, I got one dollar. I still sell on their but they are crooks.

  3. Mercari tells me my items on fire after one like

  4. Can you use flat rate boxes with Mercari? I ordered a bunch and now I'm seeing that i can't?

  5. Hey Jim, thanks for this video! It was very informative and gave me a better idea on how to move forward with my online business.

  6. Get $10 off mercari when you sign up!! Use QJTKUX as promo code

  7. You gave #1, 2… …7, 8, 9, 10 on top internet selling sites. Could you list #3, 4, 5 and 6?
    I want to be on every platform I can get on.

  8. Mercari is great and since 2000 on ebay and I just find out about mercari. I listed 100 items and sold 10 in 3 days, YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.I love mercari just 10% fee and nothing monthly like ebay and no any other fee. It is wonderful to sell on Mercari no stress about the bill every month to pay. abby

  9. I have a 3 piece Gentree suit! And a Cambrian tweed jacket that I am selling on poshmark and Marcri both Beautiful but I’m not sure what to price it at

  10. Jim, you may hve answered this question somewhere, but do you "share" on Poshmark, like they are always saying you HAVE to do if you want to sell anything??

  11. This was great, Jim. Thanks for the information. I had heard about Mercari for the last year but not being able to use my computer was a total turn-off for me. Now I see through you that it has changed. I really appreciate you walking us through it, and talking about the other sites as well.

  12. This is off subjet again. 15% OFF EVERYTHING* $25 and up today only until 7pm PST on ebay. This is the 3rd time they have done this, that I know of, this month. Mike

  13. Thanks for all the valuable info Jim! I checked or wish that you were talking about, looks like they are for merchants to put new products on there, not sure it’ll help us lil folks. Have you heard of a blazer made of Doeskin? I read about it, info went over my head. Wondering if you have any insight? Also my 3rd sale on Poshmark was going to Georgia, it made it to Atlanta then somehow has ended up in Illinois. Anyway was surprised when I went to contact Poshmark about it, found they only have email contact, no phone contact which was a little disappointing, just thought you might find that bit of info interesting. Keep up the great videos! I can tell since January your very very motivated to make things happen!

  14. ive made over 200 almost 300 since january im happy with that

  15. Just got my first return on mercari buyer lied about condition and cut holes in a pair of diesel jeans to send them back. Now im with jeans that are worthless, just uninstalled the app.

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