SwagBucks: Find: Nature Box: No cost 12.50 credits instantaneously

Located on r/SwagBucks but it’s much too very good to not put up right here just incase. All credit history goes to u/freestuffguru for this locate. And his write-up

Fundamentally I signed up for the one particular pack of cashews, used the code freeship1 at checkout and my get was completey free of charge. SwagBucks credits right away

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14 Thoughts to “SwagBucks: Find: Nature Box: No cost 12.50 credits instantaneously”

  1. Didn’t credit for me still.

  2. When should we cancel the membership? People on the other post said within 14 days, but I don’t know where they got that information because the next billing date is a month after? Maybe I’ll do it when it’s shipped.

  3. Thanks mate. Got the same free cashews like you and credited instantly!

  4. Promo code doesnt work anymore

    Partys over

    It was fun while it lasted

  5. Is this US only? I can’t seem to find the offer.

  6. Just did it! Instant Swagbucks cash, and I got the pumpkin biscotti coming my way. Hulu offer credited instantly before, too.

  7. Ugh, bought cookies, no SB. Pissed.

  8. Dangit, dont have a credit card that I do these with.

  9. I want to mention that this *does* stack with Drop’s 7500 offer if you spend $20+.

  10. This would be a perfect time to use [Privacy](https://www.reddit.com/r/beermoney/comments/6u0leg/privacy_virtual_burner_cards_useful_for/) so that I don’t have to worry about forgetting to cancel! Thanks!

  11. Anyone have a direct link to the offer?

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