Fastest way of earning_Be Millionaire

This video is directly related to agriculture and is very informative for farmers and persons who want to come in this profession of agriculture. 1 Gladiolus bulb cost= 6 PKRTotal bulbs in one acre= 60000Cost for bulbs of 1 acre= 60000*6= 360000 PKROther expenditures (Fertilizer,Pesticides,Labour etc.)= 50000 PKRTotal expenditures= 360000+50000= 410000 PKRNormal Rate of Rod(Flower of Gladiolus)= 25 PKR / Per Rod or Per FlowerTotal income 25*60000= 1500000 PKRNET PROFIT= 1500000-410000= 1090000 PKRResult= Net profit in 3 months is more than one million Pak Rupees View at DailyMotion

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