Testing FAST Ways To Make Money Online

This is the second video in my series of testing ways to make money online! Today we are trying out a fast way, turns out you can start making money doing this in just 3 days…. by walking dogs!

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Testing MORE ways to make money online:
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FTC: This video is not sponsored.


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42 Thoughts to “Testing FAST Ways To Make Money Online”

  1. what should I do for part 3!? Most people are saying online surveys, but comment any other ideas you want me to do!

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  22. like the video but $30 turns me off a little. we live in central PA and not sure I would get enough customers.

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  28. Is she Monica church’s sister?

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  30. Omg why no one is talking about this app?!?! It pays for walking

  31. Your so smooth 🙂 bty this is the second video of your I'm watching the first was the 7 million beautiful house 😀

  32. WilI I be able to use app as I am almost 16 by then will I be at least allowed to use dog wag walking app? X or do I have to be exactly 18? C

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