What do you use your beermoney for , i use mine for gold silver and collectiable currencie.

What do you spend your beermoney on


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29 Thoughts to “What do you use your beermoney for , i use mine for gold silver and collectiable currencie.”

  1. Guilt free video game money.
    I’ve also gotten into a habit of saving what I don’t spend.

  2. Buying food, paying off debt.

  3. Food, bills, loans, random things I want to buy. Pretty much everything.

    All of my /r/beermoney earnings go in the money pile which gets used as needed.

  4. Haven’t earned much yet, but I wish to spend my money on my studies, food, on parents and on stray pets in my area.

  5. I use it for gardening supplies, fertilizer, seeds, etc.

  6. Sex toys and knives on Amazon, mostly.

  7. Hulu gift cards
    PayPal money gets saved for a comic con art commission by James Silvani every year
    Occasional fun stuff like steam, iTunes, chipotle gift cards
    All the rest goes to Amazon for goods & Christmas presents.

  8. * Investments (Crypto, Stocks)
    * Occasional Spending Money
    * (Very rarely) a new game

  9. Crypto and expenses on amazon.

  10. When I started it was a new game, now its still mostly misc stuff.

  11. Anything I need pretty much.

  12. Just save, and like you buy commodities. Also bills, and if I really need something. Very rare for me to use it for something I just want. I’m too frugal.

  13. credit cards, pet food, gas, or put it in savings.

  14. I buy all the things I think I might use on Amazon, rivet gun, water purification straw, bolt cutters, camping gear, etc. some of these things have actually come in handy. I haven’t had to spend any real money from my job yet

  15. do you buy actual gold? are you preparing for inflation? and where do you buy?

  16. Funding my expensive hobby of record collecting at /r/vinyl and r/hiphopvinyl

  17. Groceries and medicine, mainly.

  18. It all goes into my Steam account, I wouldn’t have the patience to do all that work for so little money if it wasn’t for incredibly low digital deals.

  19. Originally, I started earning beer money to buy vudu codes. Basically, earn a 3 to 5 buck gift card, then trade it on dvd forum for a vudu code or two (prices have gone up considerably since I started).

    I stopped about a year ago, and now decided to scale up. I really need a high-end jointer for my woodworking shop.

    Spent a lot of time reading here and other sources. Thanks to everyone, made 130 last week (roughly 1/10th of a jointer) with another 50 bucks in Amazon gift cards.

    After that, I’ll probably save the money in stocks for retirement.

  20. All goes into my savings – then from there wherever savings go (up my investments, pay for travel expenses, etc).

  21. Everything I earn goes into crypto.

  22. I do not make much as I only do these things occasionally but I use it to buy things I want but cannot justify. Usually save up until December and then buy in bulk. I recently bought a few gift cards to places I liked, some games, and an Oculus Rift. Last year I got a PS4 so it is great for my needs.

  23. Camera gear. All my micro four thirds gear was purchased with beer money.

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