Workaround for ReceiptHog and SB Cashback

So I want to get some SB Cashback for a acquire at Goal, but I will get no receipt other than an e-mail receipt. ReceiptHog does not take e-mail receipts. Anyone determine out a way to get both equally?

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4 Thoughts to “Workaround for ReceiptHog and SB Cashback”

  1. you can just send your receipts to just make sure your email is the same you used when you signed up with them

  2. ReceiptPal will accept email receipt, but you need to link your email to their app.

  3. Ah, but this is for receipthog not receiptpal.

  4. How do you get cash back from receipt on SB? I thought you could only earn SB from shopping online through their links.

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